Monday, September 26, 2016

Winter Is A Comin' And I Get Dessert!

I remember last winter and how cold it was outside. There was snow, and ice, and frigid cold. Lucky me! I slept all day and night inside the sleeping bag because I wasn't going to come out!

I slept with Mom at night, plastered to her side for warmth. Sometimes, I even shook, but doesn't take much for me to do that.

Mom told me yesterday to get my bags packed. I remember the last time she told me that. We took an hour trip to Illinois. She says it's going to be longer this time. An hour and a half? Two hours? She's laughing. Why is she laughing?


"In the southwest area of the United States."

"Have I been there?"

"No, Clance. I have, though."

"How long is it going to take?"

"About three days..."


"Well, as I see it, Clancey. I've seen your navigational skills and they usually include 20 hour per day naps. The trip will go far faster for you as you only wake up for about 1 hour a day. In fact, as we'll be going through Amarillo, you'll probably miss Texas all together!

Look at me stupid all you like, but I know you! You'll be asleep before we hit Champaign, Illinois, with Joplin, Missouri as your next wake up call.....just lying there, snoring in the navigational seat."

Why does she do that? I have tried really hard to be the best Dog Navigator this side of the Mississippi.

Mom says there's dessert where we're going, and I REALLY like dessert.

"That's desert, Clance."

"Yeah, ok, whatever." I surely can't wait to try New Mexico dessert! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Other Side of Traveling On The Road

Over the past year, I have had the luxury of traveling about without always knowing where "home" existed. For those who believe that it an adventure that they'd trade their lives for, believe me there are days that a lot of us would trade you.

When one lives in a house, and has a 40 hour week still over their heads, being "free" looks like a pile of glitter. And it can be when you're starting out. 

But there is also a downside to all that glitters - it is not gold. 

Many of us hit the road with memories of days gone by when people camped together. We all said hello when we pulled into our spaces, and people hung out in their lawn chairs. They exchanged names and locations, talked about their jobs or retirement, where they had been, and exchanged photos of children we'd never meet. They may even had a potluck, exchanged a slice of pie, and definitely shared coffee. People always shared coffee. 

Today, we take to the highways in search of past dreams of togetherness only to discover that camping has changed. It has brought the isolation of neighborhoods with it. The creation of heat pumps, A/C units, televisions and RV Wifi has people opting to stay inside those units, never to see the light of day until they leave. Even in my 31' unit, there are 4 television connections - I could have 4 TVs running at the same time!

Yesterday, I believe I walked 15 miles in this campground over and over again. I never saw a single person, even though they are here hiding within their walls. 

I've also not met a solo person such as myself yet. They are out there because I see their blogs. However, this appears to be a married person's sport, at least from what I see. "Didn't you bring someone with you?" is the rally cry, just like it was when I walked Spain. Well no actually, I didn't. And no, the dog doesn't speak English. Can you imagine if he did?

Amongst ourselves we will admit that it's a lonely existence with its barrage of weekly goodbyes. Sometimes we do speak of being lonely and then I learn, "wait a minute, you're traveling WITH someone?" And I want to tell them, "try it solo." I admit, I am intolerant of the lonely family that travels together in a 200sf space with only each other to talk to.

So why do we do it? Some do it for their job (the money is very good), some do it because to stay locked away in a neighborhood is even worse and there is that hope on the road, some do it because they are looking for something they can not find within themselves, and some do it because there is an insatiable gypsy in their soul and we don't know how to be any other way.

For every good thing in life, there is a dark side that has to be addressed. And for the RV traveler, it's a lack of connections and the silence.